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A brief summary of activities of Armenian Unit of International Network of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics .

1.  As in 2009 we published the first manual in Armenian on Bioethics ,in 2010 we decided to have the translations of the same manual in English and in Russian. The editions are in process.

2.  Some of members of the Executive committee of our unit ( prof. M. Aghajanyan, prof. R. Hovhanissyan, prof. S.Davtyan,  and some others)  participated in "Bioethical Education at Armenian Universities: Problems and Perspectives" a regional seminar held on the 5-6 October in Armenia, Yerevan.

All participants among them prof. B. Yudin, prof. R. Apresyan ( Moscow) and T. Mishatkina  (Minsk) expressed thier regret that prof. A. Carmi  didn't take part in the seminar because of insuffisant fundts of the organizers ( UNESCO office in Moscow).

3.  The member of Armenian Unit Arshak Balayan participated in Philosophical seminar in Hungary, Budapesht in October 2010. From January of 2011 he is a participant  in Open Society Institute scholarship program in USA, Harvard. 

The other member of the Unit Ani Azizyan participated in summer seminar in Austria, Vienna. The subjects of the seminar were Bioethics, Metaphysics, Ethics and Political Philosophy. Also she went to Craiova, Romania to the training organized by CDCD: the subject was none formal methods and techniques.  

4.  I would like to draw your attention to the Recommendations of Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States Recommendations ‘’ On Cooperation of the CIS Countries in Harmonizing Medical Education with the UNESCO Ethics Education Programme’’ sent to us in 2010 from Saint-Petersburg publishing house.

Among the 8 Recommendations which I regard very positive and important I want to mention this point: to create at institutions of higher medical education special departments of bioethics and medical law to coordinate systems of teaching bioethics at institutions of higher medical education  of different levels.

5.  The unit has provided Tamara Tonoyan PhD, an associate professor from the department of social health at National Institute of Health MHRA with an IRB review so that she would be able submit an article to WMHP journal. And this is not the only case.

6.  On the 23th of October an agreement was signed between UNESCO and YSMU after M. Heratsi and specifically  on behalf of the Director-General  of UNESCO, Director of the UNESCO Moscow Office Mr. Dendev Badarch and on behalf of YSMU Professor of the YSMU Susanna Davtyan. This refers to the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights and its principles.