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Australian Unit of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics
Courses & Seminars:

 i) The completion of the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between UNESCO (Bangkok) and Macquarie University. This initiative places the Macquarie Unit ‘Bioscience Ethics & Reproduction’ and ‘Advanced Bioscience Ethics’ within UNESCO’s Bioethics Core Curriculum. These units are now being reworked for Online learning/teaching.


ii) In response to the Vice Chancellor’s invitation (Dr Aruna Sivakami of Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India), Pollard and Associate Professor Roger Hiller (Macquarie University) conducted interactive programs over the period 1st March to 1st April, 2010, at the University and at several affiliated colleges. These innovative programs were aimed at empowering and creating awareness among women about Human Rights, especially as they affect them and their families. The main topics chosen for open discussion addressed bioscience ethics, community wellbeing and reproductive health. Addressing these issues sensitized the students about health-related subjects linked to their lives and related issues like global warming and environmental pollution.




i) Pollard’s presentation “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future: Promoting Understanding Based on Science Ethics Education” at the UNESCO International Conference on ‘Bioethics Education’ held in Zefat, Israel 2010. 


ii) Pollard’s presentation “Ethics Education: Challenging Learning Across the Generations” at the 4th UNESCO-Kumamoto University Joint Bioethics Roundtable held in Kumamoto, Japan, in December 2010.




 i) Pollard, I. Establishing Institutional Ethics Committees in Australia: Challenges and Operational Committees with Particular Attention to the New Reproductive Technologies. Biomedical Law & Ethics 3(2):2009;197-216.


ii) Delport, T. & Pollard, I. Changing Perspective on Obesity: Genetic and Environmental Health Consequences in the Offspring. EUBIOS Journal of Asian & International Bioethics 20(6):2010;170-173.