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Deparment for Mental Health, Law and Ethics          
The Department for Mental Health, Law and Ethics, established in 2002, is headed by prof. Roberto Mester and Adv. Oren Asman. A group of professionals in  the fields of law and mental health take part in its leading  team and management.  The activities of the department include:
  1. Conferences and congresses in the field of mental health law: treatment, hospitalization, integration in the community and legal status of the mentally disabled in various fields of law. The conferences are held in colabortaion with various organizations (Israeli Psychiatric Association, The Israeli Society for Forensic Psychiatry, The Israeli Bar Association) and Institutions (Mental Health Centers and Hospitals).  
  2. Forum for  discussing possible changes in the Israeli Mental Health legislation: Forum Chairpersons: Prof. Mester and Adv. Asman.
    The discussion focused on the "treating the mentally ill persons act". The forum invited patients, families of patients, variuos organizations representatives, treating psychiatrists, district psychiatrists, public defence attorneys and prosecussion attorneys, army mental health professionals, psychologists, psychiatric nursing representatives and so on.
    The protocols are posted on the internet (See link in Hebrew). A concluding article is to be posted on the Hebrew journal of "Medicine and Law".
  3. The Forensic Psychiatry circle: Organizers: Prof. Mester and Adv. Asman. Participants: psychiatrists, mental health professionals, jurists and lawyers. Landmark cases and up-to-date forensic issues are discussed bi-monthly in this circle. A general reference summary is posted on line once a year, including the cases discussed in those meetings.
  4. Academic activities and research: Department members actively participate in writing articles, books chapters and other publications in the sphere of Psychiatry and Law. Their work is presented in conferences world-wide.
  5. Forensic Psychiatry courses and teaching:  Courses on Psychiatry, Law and Ethics are taught in University by department management members (both lawyers and psychiatrists) in schools of law and schools of medicine.
  6. A theme Project: "The Bullying Project":  The Department took it upon itself to promote the professional discussion regarding bullying at workplace as well as during army service, as an ethical, mental and legal discussion.
The Department Management:
Dr. (Law) Oren Asman, Adv. (co-chairperson), Dr. (MD) Tal Bergman-Levy,  Dr.(MD), Adv. Aryeh Bauer, Adv. Nitza Ganot,  Dr., Adv. Samuel Wolfman, Dr. Rami Mairaz, Dr. Moshe Kalian,